How does “Your Ripple Packet” work?

“Your Ripple Packet” is an investment set, meant mostly for beginner investors, which combines education, free Ripple units, and a way to store them safely.

To obtain this set, the client has to place an order via the internet. Soon after that they will receive a call from a distributor’s representative, who will explain the way the “Ripple Starter Pack” in detail. After discussing the terms of buying, the client will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions. The client will get all the necessary informations and links to the website, from which they will be able to download the bought materials, the platform where they will be able to check their Ripple’s worth, and the account, where the cryptocurrency will be stored. Access to this account will be enabled by a so-called Ripple Code, placed on the Ripple Card, which will be delivered via mail. The e-mail will also contain instructions about making full use of the bought packet.