Without the Internet – What is the Ripple Card?

Ripple Educational Packet” is a service directed mostly at beginners that plan on stepping into the world of investing. All that because of the characteristics of this product, which is composed of educational materials and free units of Ripple cryptocurrency. Thanks to this, the client will gain not only the training set, but also a free e-coin. How is that possible?

Safe cryptocurrency storing – what is the Ripple Card

All thanks to Ripple Card, a document, which confirms the buying and access to the gained cryptocurrency units. Every client that buys the “Ripple Starter Pack” will firstly receive an email with a detailed instructions about how to use the packet, and then the “Ripple Card” will arrive by mail. The access card will be sent in a specially secured package to the address specified by the client. It can be picked up after an identity check.

On the Ripple card there will be a “Ripple CODE” – the login and password for the private account on a virtual wallet, where the cryptocurrency units will be stored. The account will be prepared and secured by the broker, but the logins will only be available to the client. That way, the client won’t have to set up their own e-wallet or take care of securing it against thieves and hackers.

In that situation, the client has only one task – to store their “Ripple Card” in a safe place. This document should be stored somewhere dry and secretive, until the client decides to monetize the units. That’s just as easy, as buying the ‘Ripple Educational Packet”. All the client needs to do is contact the seller, inform them of their choice and confirm the access to the wallet through the “Ripple Code”. The units will be monetized within a few days.

“Ripple Card” is a safe and easy way to store the e-coin, as Ripple Code exists only on the access card, which makes it impossible for hackers and internet thieves to steal it. Moreover, it’s a cheap way to obtain the Ripple cryptocurrency, which is gaining popularity on the world cryptocurrecy market.