Ripple Packet and opinions online

The cryptocurrency market, much like other investing markets, is highly competitive and often struggling with false claims and accusations of scamming and extortion. Those attacks are usually black PR and tries of defaming a product.

“Ripple Packet”, “Ripple Educational Packet” or “Ripple Starter Pack” are often called a scam, a fake or an extortion. Such claims are mostly made on pages created and managed by the competition. They are found on almost every market, where the product is being sold.

Your Ripple Packet” is also an innovative way of obtaining cryptocurrency, which is met with a mixed reaction among the clients. Some of them may be disappointed with the products’ characteristics, the broker fee, or the way the cryptocurrency is stored. Clients, who did not understand the offer or could not contact the broker also happen. In such situations, we try to explain the idea behind “Ripple Starter Pack” in detail, as well as answer the client’s questions, and address their worries.