Innovative way to gain Ripple – meet the “Ripple Educational Packet”

Ripple cryptocurrency is one of the few e-coins that is the center of attention for many investors. It’s being used by international corporations, banks, enterprises, investment companies and private investors. It became one of the cryptomarket’s leaders, and because of that not only the professional investors, but also amateurs. And it was for the second group that a special method was created by combining education and free cryptocurrency units, the “Ripple Educational Packet”.

Investing for the future, or how to get your own Ripple?

Ripple cryptocurrency is an international e-coin, available on the cryptomarket, in the cryptocantor, and a stationary crypto-cantor. It’s possible to buy it via the Internet and store it on a personal crypto-wallet. This method is tried and safe, but meant for the professionals. What about amateurs?

People who don’t have much experience in gaining and storing cryptocurrencies can use the offline methods, which don’t require neither an e-wallet nor expert knowledge of cryptomarket. A method in which it’s the broker who deals with most of the tasks. One of those methods is the “Ripple Educational Packet”.

Safe and simple, or get to know the “Ripple Educational Package”

“Ripple Packet” is a service directed at aspiring investors, who want to begin their journey with investing. People, who look for an easy and safe way to invest. As it turns out, “Ripple Starting Packet” can provide just that, thanks to its two key elements.

The first one are educational materials, like e-books, webinars and trainings that will ready the beginner investor to enter the world of investments. Thanks to them, the client will be able to learn both the basic and more advanced rules to investing. That will open the way to cryptocurrencies and teach them to analyse the e-coin market quickly and accurately.

The second one is a set amount of free Ripple units, added to the “Ripple Packet” as a bonus. The e-coin will be stored on a private virtual wallet account that will be created, secured and managed by the broker. The client will be the only one with an access to this account, thanks to the “Ripple access card”.

Offline cryptocurrency, or what is the Ripple access card

An important part of “Ripple Starter Pack” is the so-called Ripple card, a physical version of a document confirming the ownership and managing the e-coin units. The Ripple Code bears the login and password for the private account on the virtual wallet platform, where the units will be kept. This data is only available on the Ripple card, and the client is the only one who can access it.

Ripple card is added as a free bonus to the “Ripple Pack” and delivered via mail. The package can be picked up only by the person who ordered it, after verifying their identity. After the pick up, the Ripple card should be secured and kept in a dry place until the client decides to sell the owned cryptocurrency units.

Moreover, to ensure that the client knows how to use the packet they bought, detailed instructions will be sent via e-mail, concerning usage of “Ripple Packet”, “Ripple Code” and checking on the owned cryptocurrency.

Why the “Ripple Eduactional Packet”? Client and expert opinions

The “Ripple Starting Packet” is a quite innovative method of obtaining educational materials and a set amount of cryptocurrency units. It’s met with varying opinions among both clients and specialists. Some of them may be coming from slightly over-sensitive consumers, who most probably didn’t understand the idea behind this offer. Others may be simply a baseless hate, generated by competition. It is worth to notice, however, that most of the packet’s users have had a positive experience with it, as seen in the examples below:

  • I got educational materials and the cryptocurrency… what else can you want?

Nick: Dania Marciniak, source:

  • The broker is claiming a bit of provision, but I don’t need to set up a wallet, so thats a plus. Ripple itself is holding up good so soon I’ll sell it and profit

Nick: Adam S., source:

  • i also got 1000 pln worth of ripple and i got ripple card, a man called and wanted to sell me another currency but im waiting

Nick: Adasiowy, source:

  • someone said starting packet is a scam… but people, if your read up about how to buy cryptocurrency you’ll see that things like ripple card are normal. Some countries have vouchers, some have certificates, we have access cards and thats normal, you just nee dto read up!

Nick: Zygmunt Podolsk, source:

  • it’s not all that innvoative because I seen similar packets before, but you can’t say they don’t work. Buy e-books and get crypto – who can offer anything more?

Marianna Dolc, source:

Those are only a few of many examples of positive opinions about “Ripple Starter Pack” available online. What’s more, you can read about this product on many industry websites.

Why it’s worth trying the “Ripple Educational Packet”?

It’s easy to notice that “Ripple Packet” is a novel solution, combining practice and theory. The service provides access to educational materials, as well as a way to obtain free cryptocurrency units. It’s made possible by the fact, that the client pays only for the educational materials, getting the cryptocurrency for free. As a result, they will be able to broaden their knowledge about investing and feel like a true investor.

Buying the “Ripple Packet” is very simple – the client only has to contact the broker and familiarize themself with the details, and then they can order a chosen starting pack. As a result, the client will receive two packages:

  • By e-mail – the instruction on using the bought learning materials, how to store the obtained cryptocurrency and how to check its worth,
  • By mail – a package, containing “Ripple card” with “Ripple code” on it, enabling access to the private account on a virtual wallet, where the cryptocurrency units will be stored.

As such, “Ripple Starter Pack” is undoubtedly:

  • easy, as all the client has to do is order a packet and keep their Ripple card,
  • practical, as the client will gain not only the crypto, but also educational materials,
  • prospective, as the bonus Ripple units may turn out to be a lucrative investment.

And so it seems like “Your Ripple Packet” is an innovative and effective method of obtaining educational materials and free cryptocurrency. Due to it’s characteristic it is met with various opinions, but we believe that most of the clients are happy with it.