How to buy Ripple and check it’s worth?

Ripple cryptocurrency is one of the few virtual coins that maintains one of the highest positions on the cryptomarket. That causes it to be in high demand among international corporations and private investors. Because of this situation there are a few ways to buy it.

Professional buying methods – online mode

Ripple enables fast and worldwide fund transfer to banks, financial service providers, markets, brokers, corporations and traders, because of which financial institutions and worldwide organisations are its main users. They obtain this cryptocurrency mostly from the cryptomarket.

This classifies as an online method, so it requires some knowledge about cryptocurrency and a private virtual wallet. It’s indispensable, as preparation makes it possible to navigate the cryptomarket, and a private e-wallet account enables the cryptocurrency to be bought and safely stored.

This method, although effective, is meant mostly for professional investors. But it doesn’t mean that only professionals can invest in Ripple. Amateurs can use less complicated methods, like the “Ripple Starter Pack”.

A method meant for everyone – offline mode and “Ripple Educational Packet”

Offline mode is a method that requires no internet connection, broad knowledge about the cryptomarket and a private account on a virtual wallet, since it relies mostly on help from the broker. One of the most popular methods is “Ripple Card”, a part of the “Ripple Educational Packet”.

Ripple access card is a document confirming the ownership of a set amount of e-coin units. On a card the client will find login and password for the private account on the e-wallet, where the cryptocurrency is stored. Because of that solution, the investor won’t need to find an e-wallet, set up an account and secure it by themself. The whole process will be handled by the broker, who will store the e-coin in a safe place. However, the owner of this cryptocurrency units will be the only one with the full access to the account. This information is only available on the card generated by the system, and then sent to the owner. They do not exist in the virtual world, so the cryptocurrency won’t be stolen by hackers or other internet thieves.

Ripple access card can be obtained by buying the so-called “Ripple Packet” – an offer composed of educational materials and free cryptocurrency units. It’s a quite novel method, so it can be misunderstood at times, but it is steadily gaining a growing userbase.