Ripple Educational Packet

Invest in yourself and your cryptocurrency

Ripple Educational Packet

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Ripple Educational Packet is composed of educational materials set and free Ripple cryptocurrency units.

The new generation of cryptocurrency - Ripple

Not many people know that, but Ripple operates on a platform created way before Bitcoin appeared and started growing. It was RipplePay, created by Rayan Fugger, and it enabled regulating and accounting liabilities based on the IOU model. This system proved to be immensely effective, and it became popular among american traders between 2004 and 2010. It’s worth to note that the first Bitcoin was created on similar basis.

Ripple cryptocurrency is based on the newest blockchain technology, which provides the best scalability and the capacity to complete over 1.5 thousand transactions per second. Because of that it is eagerly used by corporations, worldwide companies, international banks and governments. Ripple became not only a financial tool, but also a prospective investment that many investors reach for, as evidenced by the strong market positions, which remained unchanged for years.

Ripple for professionals only?

Ripple undoubtedly has to thank international investors, worldwide banks, corporations, investing companies and specialists for its development. It was created with professionals in mind, but is it targeted at them exclusively? The market situation proves otherwise, as even beginners invest in Ripple.

Ripple cryptocurrency is available on the cryptomarket, where the professionals are buying in. This method may be quick, but it requires extensive knowledge about investing and an account on a virtual wallet, which can be quite an obstacle for the beginners.

Ripple’s strength is not only the modern technology, but also the trust of corporations and private investors. More and more people want to invest in this American cryptocurrency, so new methods of obtaining it are being developed. One of the most popular ones lately is the “Ripple Starter Pack”.

Cryptocurrency for everyone - Ripple Educational Packet

Ripple Educational Packet” is a modern service, combining the educational pack, containing e-books, webinars and online courses, with a set amount of bonus Ripple cryptocurrency, added as a free trial asset.

Your Ripple Packet” is aimed mostly at beginner investors, who want to prepare before entering the world of investments and learn the basic information about investing. “Ripple Starter Pack” is also a great opportunity to gain the cryptocurrency and store it on a private account, managed by the broker, access to which is only available to the client. It is made possible by adding Ripple to the set as a free trial asset.

Safe and simple cryptocurrency storing - Ripple Card

Ripple Card is an important part of “Ripple Starter Pack”, as it contains the so-called Ripple CODE. Ripple Card is a physical document, sent via post in a special, secured package to the address specified by the client. An ID is necessary to pick it up. The “Ripple Card” bears the Ripple CODE, which is a login and password, which enable logging into the client’s personal account on the virtual wallet platform, which is managed by the broker.

Thanks to the Ripple Card, the client doesn’t need to worry about securing their cryptocurrency, as the broker company will take care of that for them. The client’s only responsibility will be storing the card in a secure place, until they decide to monetize it. As it seems, Ripple Card is a safe and easy way to obtain and and store cryptocurrency added as a free bonus to the “Ripple Starter Pack”.

Ripple Starter Pack

Learn, grow and invest consciously.


One of the indispensable parts of “Ripple Packet” are cryptocurrency units, that the client gets for free with the use of Ripple Card.

Free Ripple Cryptocurrency

By choosing “Ripple Educational Packet”, the client only pays for access to learning materials, earning the cryptocurrency units for free, as a trial investment asset. Considering the growing Ripple price, it might become a great opportunity to buy it.

A complex educational set

“Ripple Packet” is, above all, an educational packet, which includes e-books, webinars, courses trainings, and other learning materials, that help to knowingly navigate through the investment world.

Invest in yourself and your capital

Learning materials available through “Ripple Starter Pack” enable learning and training, and nothing develops more than investing in yourself. And cryptocurrency units that the client receives for free with the packet might turn out to be a great investment.

Safe Ripple storing

“Ripple Card” is an inseparable part of the packet, delivered to the client via post. It has the “Ripple Code”, which is the login and password to the private e-wallet account, where the cryptocurrency is stored.

Welcome to the world of Ripple cryptocurrencies

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